Transform Community



We strive in our business every day to help people transform experience and space. We wanted to take our passion for community betterment to the next level by focusing our deep relationships with customers into the areas in which we live, work and play.

Transform Community is a program we designed to foster collaboration and encourage support of local initiatives that strengthen communities.  Our account managers organized local community service opportunities bringing to life part of our company’s mission to transform spaces and human experiences.  

Patcraft has historically been known for offering great service and valued partnerships with clients. Transform Community is intended to nurture those relationships, bringing communities together for greater impact.

“The Transform Community effort will connect our friends, families, association members and business partners, coming together for a day of true community transformation in the areas in which we live, work and play,” said Jeff West, our vice president of marketing. “Throughout the week of September 23, I have challenged our associates to bring people together in their cities to give back in some way. Be that community clean up; feeding the homeless; organizing a charitable fundraiser; working with our youth; or anything else that serves as a passion. With 140 associates, we know that even a small act of kindness and giving will go far, and be multiplied by the number of hands we have joined in this effort.”

Here are the highlights of a few of our Transform Community events. 

IMG_2532.jpgJoni Juergens | Wisconsin 

Joni Juergens partnered with IIDA and CUNA Mutual Group to host a local Sole Hope event in Madison, Wisconsin.
Sole Hope is an organization striving to give people in Uganda the medical treatment to remove jiggers, and provide shoes. Sole Hope strives to ensure everyone in the Uganda community has a pair of shoes.  The shoes are made by cobblers in Uganda, so it also provides jobs to the residents. Joni’s event assisted with cutting up donated denim jeans and plastic materials to be used for sets for shoes.  They also helped create health kits that are used when removing the jiggers from those who have been affected.   

IMG_9668.jpg“Sole Hope is a way to transform community, not only for the recipients of the shoes and health care in Uganda, but also in the hearts of those who help people they will never meet.  We have an opportunity for children to help make health kits, and adults to make shoe kits.  Our goal was to make 300 pairs of shoes, and health kits to offer treatment for jiggers, and shoes to avoid future issues with jiggers,” says Joni Juergens. 

F4B4E7C3-65BC-456B-8C64-5E93F48EB856.JPGNicholas Hawkins | Texas 

In light of the involvement of young assailants in recent mass shootings, Dallas account manager Nicholas Hawkins felt inspired to help bring awareness to childhood mental growth, and helping to create positive outlets for education and activity to help combat the issue. A free children’s yoga class for ages 5 and up was provided by Youth Yogis at City Yoga Dallas. Youth Yogis is a non-profit focused on children’s mental wellness and health through yoga.
“I wanted to do an event that focused on children in my community,” shared Nicholas. “It is eye opening to see how the subject of children’s mental wellness and alternatives to medication are dear to so many in my community. In addition to working with Youth Yogis, I have also been working alongside flooring dealers in my community to help support Garland Independent School district’s special education program. We are hoping to provide ongoing assistance to make a difference in the area of mental wellness of our local youth.”

Jessie Millier + Sarah Jenkins | Missouri IMG_4529-(2).jpg

Jessie Miller and Sarah Jenkins Sarah hosted their Transform Community event at Scott Rice Officeworks / Image Flooring showroom in St. Louis. This was a small, intimate community event  with a panel discussion to offer support, encouragement and education about infertility and pregnancy/infant loss. This is a heavy topic, but one that has affected many of Sarah and Jessie’s loved ones and others in their design community. The event also encouraged the donations of books for parents and children who are going through a loss. These books were donated to Advent Health.

Sarah and Jessie are planning to host another session in March partnered with their local IIDA for a “Wellness Wednesdays”, which is a series of events they do every spring.


Jen King | Georgia
Jen of Atlanta, Ga. partnered with Toco Hills Community Alliance for a project renovation. Our Atlanta sales team invited their design community to help with painting, pressure washing and unloading food items for their facilities. Representatives from LBA Design Firm, Dalton Wholesale Floors, Patcraft  and the end-user all joined to help with the remodel of Toco Hills facility.

Kathy DiBella | Indiana Lobby-Gathering-Space-02-(2).jpg

Kathy DiBella and the Indiana team worked closely with the remodel of Grant’s House in their community. Grant's House is the home of Wabash Center’s afterschool and summer programming for children and young adults with special needs. The facility is named after Grant House, an inspirational Wabash Center individual who passed away at 25. Grant had a goal to create a place for young people to congregate and be happy. With community support, the goal was able to become a reality in August 2019 after a 3.5 year capital campaign. 

Grant's House prides itself on being unique and innovative. For example, it is the first facility in Indiana that has both behavioral and clinical supports for individuals with special needs. Kathy and her team partnered with Grant’s House to raise funds for sensory equipment for the children and young adults who attend Grant's House. Sensory activities allow individuals who experience behavioral challenges to engage in therapeutic and self soothing tasks. 

Account Manager, Kathy DiBella, says, "In over 20 years of experience, I can't think of a project that has touched my heart more than Grant's House. It was a true blessing to work with Tamara House and her family, witness their drive to fulfill their mission, and watch their dreams become a reality. Patcraft's Team Indy embraced this story and is sharing it with our clients throughout Indiana to raise money for a large scale Light Bright, which is used to calm autistic children. Grant's House truly inspired me and was a refreshing reminder of what my professional purpose is: to make a difference in people's lives by enhancing their interior environment."

IMG_0755.jpgPatcraft Marketing + Product Development | Georgia 

Our marketing and product development teams spent their afternoon with Bartow Family Resources
Bartow Family Resources builds a healthier community and stronger families through education and mentoring. Our team volunteered to give back to Bartow County by painting and landscaping at their facilities.